Geordie Creste

Engineer Assistant / Assistant Ingénieur (CNRS)

Native of Pontault-Combault, he obtained his “Licence Professionnelle” in Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry in 2013 in Orsay.

In 2014, he joined for a CDD (IE) the Laboratory of Biological, Pharmacological and Toxicological Chemistry (Paris Descartes University) where he devoted himself to the synthesis of phosphorus correctors interacting with a mutated protein in the context of cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis).

In 2016, he was recruited as a contractual (AI) at the Laboratory of Molecular Electrochemistry (Paris Diderot University) for the synthesis of redox-active compounds for the electrochemical detection of the halogen bond and the synthesis of pro-quinones for the ultra-sensitive detection of small molecules of biological interest.